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And why did he not mention his complaint to the event producer and staff during the fitting?
He did not bring the dresses to the fitting on Saturday, as is the standard procedure when preparing for an important fashion show.
Camposs complete lack of respect for the hard-working models, hair and makeup artists, event producer, audience and press is shocking.
Call us if you have you project that requires an artistic element.Campos selected were between 59 jeux argent en ligne gratuit ninjago and.Doctors have used X-rays for over 100 years to check bone alignment and to see whether certain shadows appear to be out of alignment.And like her, many other models did not commit to walk in other shows because they were selected to be.He seems proud of how badly he treated all the people involved, and even boasted that he has done this type of thing several times before.Nobodys done it longer Nobody does it better.Campos recently boasted to Las Ultimas Noticias newspaper in Santiago that he canceled his scheduled fashion show at Couture Fashion Week New York on September 11, 2016 because he was not satisfied with the models for his show.Campos brought great distress to the young women dreaming of their catwalk moment.In this case, our great staff and crew rose to the occasion to deliver a positive experience for the audience and press.Camposs show were done by Couture Fashion Week.Over 250 press organizations cover Couture Fashion Week, and the attending audience was around 350 people for.Hopefully, the experience that Couture Fashion Week had with Ruben Campos in New York will serve as a warning to other event producers and organizers who might consider working with this inconsiderate and unprofessional designer.Campos showed an arrogant lack of professionalism with his last minute cancellation.

One of the models who traveled to New York for the event was extremely upset, saying My parents flew in from California and spent lots of money on travel and hotel to see me on the runway, only to find out at the last minute.This can give them clues about the health of soft tissues around the spine.In the course of 24 seasons, Couture Fashion Week New York has become one of New York Fashion Weeks most prestigious events.In his interview with LAN,.He never had the courtesy to notify the event organizers that he was pulling out.According to, couture Fashion Week producer, andres Aquino, all the models.And if he claims to have fitted the models on Saturday, why did he do that if the models were not up to his standards?An X-ray is good at showing bone.Campos also claims he fitted the models on Saturday with the dresses to be shown on Sunday.We are puzzled and disappointed that Ruben Campos decided not to honor his commitment to do his fashion show, stated Aquino, producer of CFW. .
ZEE TV with a global reach over 1 billion viewers.
Couture Fashion Week is proud of being a high quality event with 24th consecutive seasons.