Final fantasy xiii 2 slots machine

final fantasy xiii 2 slots machine

It's also rare for a person to get "It's like a hot summer's day!" or "That machine's on fire." Simply exit and re-enter the building, the odds will change, but it will take awhile to get to good odds on the slots.
Since we already have the ticket from the Treasure Sphere in the corner we can go ahead and pass through the now open doors, where we find that Serah was correct: it is a Casino - no, THE Casino!
If you don't know how they work it would be an idea to read up on that.I am just saying.Now that we have completed unlocking the Achievement and obtaining the Fragment: Lucky Coin, there are a few things that we still need to do - and hopefully you have the Coins to do them thanks to your winnings (and the Gil to buy any.Icon, that Machine's on Fire, it's like a Hot Summer's Day 9 (x10/x100 Mode) 1/347 1/320 9 (Normal Mode) 1/5,321 1/3,632.Obtaining your Racer - First you need to be aware that the Silver and Gold Chocobo are not like the other colored birds - you can only obtain their Crystals once, so you need to be sure that you level them exactly the way.That puts your current total at -10,000 coins - and then you play the Slots with each roll deducting from your total. .While it is true that you cannot win if you don't play, you will only win slowly here and, while that will not prevent you from achieving the first goal associated with the Slot Machine, obtaining the Lucky Coin Fragment, it may very well prevent.It's like a hot summer's day.Moogle x1, there is 3 modes: Normal mode: 5 coins, victory mode: 10 tous les jeux demo casino 770 coins, reach by aligning three nines.That means that the odds apply to every roll - each subsequent roll does not increase the chances of hitting that combination.
With these managed it is time to exit the games area back into the Casino proper.
For example at the moment you should (if you have been following the guide) have enough Fragments so that you can unlock the abilities Improved Moogle Throw and Haggler.

There are three modes of play: Normal (x5 Coins Victory (x10 Coins) and Super Victory (x100 Coins) - each mode being attained by rolling a jackpot followed by three-9's - and the higher the mode, the higher the pay-out, but with each of the higher.With one or the other obtained you will also need to gather the following Monster Items in order to level one up: 25 Potent Crystals (Microchu - Rainy 50 Potent Essences (Catcherpiller / Hedge Frog / Mud Frog / Swampmonk - Rainy and 40 Potent.Basically there are some Fragments and items we want to snag - so head to the Casino Chocolina at the back and purchase the following: Chaos Crystal (10,000 Coins) Priceless Gift (9,800) AKA "Just 1 Gil" Setzer's Dice (10,000) Those are the three Fragments that.Let's be honest here - while the Fragments do certainly play into the story and so are a required element the facts are that they can easily be obtained through regular play. .I chose to, and while it was a rather boring process once it unlocks you are all the happier with the knowledge that you never ever have to do this again! .If you can make it to Overbreak mode you should get the achievement for 10,000 coins, if you don't already have it, and get your Lucky Coin fragment.Improved Moogle Throw allows you to throw your Moogle pretty much anywhere with a chanced it will find something (and throw it in specific places to get specific things, like the Silver Chocobo that we are about to go after). .The Slot Machine.If you hit another three-9's or any substantial increase in your purse, exit the machine and save. .With respect to the conditions, you should only play the Slots if the Hostess says that they are on Fire, or Like a Hot Summer Day, which are the two highest streak levels. .Reason, note: This is only to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.